Consumers pinched at pump as gas prices soar

Gas up 47 cents per gallon from last month

INDIANAPOLIS - Gasoline prices are soaring in the Hoosier state and around the country. 

According to AAA, Tuesday's price -- up 47 cents per gallon from a month ago -- is the highest on record for this calendar day.


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Consumers are feeling the pain at the pump.

"I'm laid off right now from my job. I'm getting by, but it's hard to go anywhere, do anything," said David Brown. "You can't spend any money. You've got to save every bit of money you can to put gas in your vehicle."

Gwendolyn Anderson, who is on disability after suffering a stroke, would like the price to head the other way.

"It's terrible," Anderson said. "We have to have it for our daily lives for things that we have to do. I really would like it to stay down."

AAA spokesman Greg Seiter said rising crude oil prices have boosted prices at the pump.

"Crude oil prices have jumped substantially over the last few days that has been a big market influence factor for us as well," Seiter said. "We do know that many West Coast refineries are transitioning over to summer grade blends of gasoline that is being produced that is more expensive blend to produce."

Seiter said other refineries are down and not producing at all. He says demand is increasing and the availability of the product is low. 

Mike Murray is a proponent of more oil exploration to increase supply.

"I think they need to drill more," Murray said. "They need to drill everywhere they can. Not forever. There needs to be some regulation… I'm not just saying to hell with the environment, but they went too far."

There has been speculation that gas prices will continue to rise, but AAA said absolutely no one can accurately predict where prices will be by summer.

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