Fun video: Cool (neutered) cat 'Scooter' helps spread the message of getting pets fixed

CINCINNATI - A Midwest movement is using a very cool cat to spread the message of getting your feline friends spayed or neutered. It's all part of an effort to curb cat homelessness and kill-shelter executions across the nation.

The movement, Ten, is sponsored by the Joanie Bernard Foundation and is based out of Cincinnati. 

Ten says in Cincinnati alone, more than 3,000 cats were killed at facilities last year and another 3,500 were killed in Indianapolis.

And did you know? Over the course of 7 years, an average female cat and her offspring (and her offspring's offspring) can produce 420,000 new lives. Female cats can get pregnant as early as two weeks post-partum, and as young as 6 months old.

"Every 20 minutes, a kill shelter execution takes the life of a cat somewhere in our country," Joanie Bernard Foundation Board chair Deborah Cribbs said. "The ultimate goal (with Ten) is to create a no-kill nation."

Ten got its name from the believe of its organizers that sometimes, cats' nine lives just aren't enough -- they need 10.

Ten is showcasing "Scooter, the Neutered Cat" as part of the movement, using a bit of comedy to spread the word. 

"Hip spectacles. No testicles. Meet Scooter, the suave neutered cat every Tom wants to be," reads the movement's website.

A hilarious video even helps promote the movement's message. Trust us -- you need to watch the 30-second clip below for yourself.

Local resources

Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana is one place to turn locally if you want to get assistance in spaying or neutering your pet. Spay Indiana, a program of the Humane Society of Indianapolis, can also help you find options in fixing your pet.

Can't see the video? Tap or click here to watch.

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