Could murder-suicide of 2 IMPD officers have been prevented?

INDIANAPOLIS - Could the murder-suicide of two Indianapolis Metro Police Department officers have been prevented?

That's the question looming throughout the investigation into the death of IMPD officers Kimberlee Carmack and Ryan Anders , an estranged couple. 

Last Thursday, Anders approached Carmack’s home and fired a shot through the patio door. The round struck Carmack in the back. Anders then entered the residence and shot her five more times before shooting and killing himself, police said. 

According to documents given to RTV6 by IMPD's special investigation unit, police said they had gathered enough evidence in March 2014 to arrest Anders on multiple charges of stalking, criminal confinement, residential entry and possibly rape.

However, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said officials had numerous reasons to believe that Carmack was safe.

"From our perspective, we were aware of the protective order. Secondly, we weren't aware of any allegations that the protective order had been violated. Thirdly, we were aware through our contact with the police department that officer Carmack was in a safe location," Curry said.

Last week, police found Carmack's body in the residence she had once shared with her ex-husband. In early March, the police department placed both officers on administrative leave, had taken away their department issued firearms and they secretly placed GPS tracking on Anders' vehicle. Anders borrowed a vehicle and drove it to the murder.

Even though investigators expressed grave concerns about Carmack's risk of harm, no charges were filed and no arrest was made.

"We approached this like any other case which is requesting investigators to go back and obtain certain information, and that process continued essentially for a couple of weeks. As of last Thursday, most of the information had been gathered, but there were still some loose ends still out there," Curry said.

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