Couple charged with neglect after police found kids in box truck out of jail, thanks to Texas couple

David, Rebecca Detjen released from jail


A Texas couple came to the aid of a couple charged with neglect after police in Henry County found five of their children in the back of a moving truck.

David Detjen, 41, and his 40-year-old wife Rebecca each pleaded not guilty to a single count of felony neglect Friday, but even before they appeared in court, Julie and David Boenker, of Fort Worth, Texas, offered to post their $10,000 bond.

The Detjens' were arrested Wednesday night when state police found five of their seven children locked inside the back of an unheated, rented box truck.

The family, down on their luck, had packed their belongings for a cross-country trip from western Pennsylvania to California.

"We just felt like that was so unjust of our system to arrest them and take their children away from them," Julie Boenker said. "Is it really worth them being arrested over? I can understand maybe a ticket, you know, a fine.  But to be arrested and then have your children taken away from you, that is injustice."

The Boenkers are parents of five children themselves and said they read about the story online. After reading the story, they wired the money to a bail bondsman in Indiana and even sent the Detjens an undisclosed amount of extra money to help out.

"I feel like the reason that God blesses people with monetary wealth is because it's for the sole purpose of helping others who need it," Julie Boenker said. "You know, we're put on this earth to help people out and we just felt that those people needed to be helped. I just feel like we just did something that the Lord told us to do. They did call and say 'thank you' and that means a lot."

The Detjens' seven children are in Department of Child Services custody.

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