Couple wants justice after neighbor shoots dog

Neighbor says he shot dog in defense

CUMBERLAND, Ind. - A Cumberland couple is in mourning over the death of their dog and wants justice after a neighbor said he shot the dog in self-defense.

Robert Adams, 71, told police he was working on his truck when a large dog approached him Saturday.

That dog was Tyson, one of Jeremy Riffert’s three dogs, who apparently escaped from their yard.

Tyson, a Siberian husky, ended up a few doors down from Riffert’s house on Adams’ property.

Adams said the dog was aggressive.

“He got his tail between his legs and I’ve always heard when a dog’s coming at you that way, it’s attack mode, so I just gradually moved to the door quick,” Adams said.

Adams said he called police and got his pellet gun. He shot Tyson when he thought his own smaller dogs were in danger.

“Basically they said it was a gunshot wound and he did pass within an hour and I did lay down with him as he passed,” Riffert said.

Riffert said the shooting was not necessary.

“Right now I’m dealing with the death of my pet, who was not just a pet, but a member of my family,” Riffert said.

Riffert said Tyson was shot in the hip. He hopes that Adams gets the maximum penalty allowed for animal cruelty.

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