Couple's nightmare arrival in Indianapolis has happy ending

Police found stolen items in local home

INDIANAPOLIS - What started out as a new beginning quickly turned into a nightmare for a young Arizona couple who'd just moved to Indianapolis.

Within hours of arriving in the city, thieves stole everything they owned.

Kelsey Sparks and Cody Bailey had packed their entire life in a moving truck, hitched their car to a trailer, which was taken from the parking lot of the Extended Stay motel.

"Once we realized the truck was still missing, we assumed there would be nothing left in it," Sparks said.

A police officer found two men trying to pull the car and trailer from a ditch on a dead end street.

Shortly after that, police found the empty truck near an abandoned house.

Officers then served a search warrant on a home in the 1800 block of Alton, where they found that the couple there had furnished their home with the stolen items.

"Some of it was in the garage. Some of it was upstairs in the house. Some of the victim's jerseys were even hung in the closet in the house," said Detective Matt Morgan, with IMPD's southwest district.

Metro police arrested Jillian and Travis Woodruff on multiple counts of auto theft and receiving stolen property.

"I don't know man. I rent that garage out so," Travis Woodruff said. "Could have been somebody else. I don't know."

Bailey said aside from the theft, he and Sparks are happy to be in the Circle City.

"The people that we've met ever since the first two people we ran into, everybody has been absolutely incredible, and we can't wait to move in and call Indianapolis home," he said.

Travis Woodruff has bonded out of jail. Jillian Woodruff, who also faces charges of dealing cocaine and resisting arrest, remains jailed on $40,000 bond.



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