Court date set in quadruple murder case

INDIANAPOLIS - Four people arrested in connection with the fatal shootings of two men and two women during what police say was a drug-related robbery in Indianapolis are expected to face charges later this week.

The two men and two women have been jailed since detectives arrested them Sunday. A judge has granted prosecutors additional time to file formal charges.

The four victims, Hayley Navarra, 21, Kristy Mae Sanchez, 42, Jacob Rodemich, 43, and Walter Burnell, 47, all of Indianapolis, were shot to death.

One of the suspects, Kenneth Rackemann, 24, denied involvement in the murders that happened last Thursday night near the 3400 block of South Parker Avenue. 

"I am (innocent). I was at Applebee's with my family," Rackemann said.

The other suspects, 20-year-old Samantha Bradley and 26-year-old Anthony Larussa remained silent at the courthouse Tuesday, but Larussa's attorney, Randy Cable, spoke on his behalf.

"He said he was elsewhere. I just spoke to him for two minutes. I don't know anything about it.  You probably know more because you get better sources than we get as to what's going on at this point," Cable told RTV6's Derrik Thomas.

The remaining suspect, 18-year-old Valencia Williams, was described by the attorney as "young and naïve."

"It's disturbing when the client is as young as this," attorney Carl Epstein said.

All four suspects were scheduled to appear in court on Friday when formal charges could be filed.

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