Court dismisses attempted child seduction charges against former Indiana teacher

Charges dismissed against Robert Corbin

STARKE COUNTY, Ind. - The Indiana Court of Appeals dismissed attempted child seduction charges against a former Indiana high school teacher.

According to court documents, Robert Corbin sent sexual Facebook messages to a female student at Knox High School in 2012. Corbin asked the girl to "sneak out of the house" to "physically take care of" his arousal. He also asked to see how large the girl's breasts were and for a "kiss" picture via Facebook.

The girl's aunt discovered the Facebook messages and her father reported Corbin's behavior to police.

When police asked Corbin about the messages, he admitted to sending them.

However, because the girl was 16 years old when the messages were sent, the court ruled that Corbin could not be charged with child solicitation or seduction.

"Although this is extremely disturbing and morally reprehensible behavior on the part of a teacher, asking for a 'kiss' picture and asking what size a girl’s breasts  do not fall within the ambit of the crime of child seduction," the court ruled. "The behavior alleged in the charging information is deplorable and immoral, and our decision should not be read in any way to condone Corbin’s conduct."

RTV6 confirmed with Knox Community Schools that Corbin was terminated from his position during the investigation.

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