Court documents reveal Walker's elaborate plot

Friends, family of Walker shocked

MUNCIE, Ind. - Court documents revealed new details in the case of a woman who police said tried to kill a new mother and steal her baby.

Detectives said Judith Walker’s actions were extremely premeditated and like something out of a movie.

Documents showed that Walker, 34, purchased a fake baby belly in her scheme to fool close friends and family into thinking the baby was hers.

“From what we can tell right now, she had walked around different times with either pillows or some kind of fake apparatus to lead people to believe that she might be pregnant,” said Detective Steve Cox with the Muncie Police Department.

Detectives said Walker was able to convince close friends and family that she was either pregnant or adopting.

Police said that once Walker, the co-owner of Affordable Pest Control, set her sights on the newborn infant of one of her customers, she put her plan place and found an excuse to come back and spray for bugs again.

“This lady had been in their house two or three times before, so they didn’t think anything about letting her in,” said neighbor Bret Teters.

The victim was sitting in a chair, trying to rock her 3-week-old infant to sleep, when she suddenly noticed Walker behind her, staring at the baby and commenting on how beautiful the baby was, the probable cause affidavit said.

Police said that is when Walker put a cord around the mom’s neck and tried to strangle her. Police said she told her she wouldn’t shoot her, she just wanted the baby.

Walker’s sister said their family was shocked.

“We’re very sorry for what happened. We didn’t know that she was going to do anything like that and we’re just real sorry about it, you know. I mean, we feel for the people that it happened to. We just don’t know what to say,” said Jeannetta Presley, Walker’s sister. “She would have liked to have a child, but she couldn’t have any children.”

Neighbors were glad the mother was able to fight off her attacker and the baby was unharmed. They were also glad that Walker was caught.

“We think anybody could have been a victim, anybody she came across could have been a potential target for her,” Cox said.

Walker remains in the Delaware County Jail without bond.

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