Crews prepare to stay ahead of spring snowstorm

Trucks will be out in full force through Monday

INDIANAPOLIS - Road crews in central Indiana were preparing to stay ahead of the next round of snow Sunday afternoon.

Between The Department of Public Works and the Indiana Department of Transportation, there were more than 200 trucks on the road ready to battle the spring snowstorm.

DPW and INDOT had crews working extra hours and were handling the roads like highways.

Both organizations were treating the roads before the storm and were preparing to clear routes during and after the snow event.

Indianapolis Power and Light Company leaders were wary of power outages.

“The weather that we’re expecting, that heavy wet snow, isn’t an issue for our power lines. However, what is an issue, is what that heavy snow can do if it’s accompanied by high winds or how it impacts trees or tree limbs,” said Brandi Davis-Handy of IPL.

Leaders of public safety agencies said their teams are ready, even if some people aren’t.

DPW leaders said crews will continue to work 12-hour shifts through the evening and into Monday morning.


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