Crime spree on NW side targets cars, businesses

Police: Spree has continued at least 6 months

INDIANAPOLIS - Police said there is no end in sight for a crime spree on the city’s northwest side that has resulted in several burglaries and car break-ins.

The area that has been targeted included the Park 100 warehouse and business area between Georgetown and Zionsville Roads near 71st Street on the city's northwest side.

Victims were frightened and police were frustrated after burglars have targeted businesses for valuable high-end electronics.

“Mainly office equipment, laptops and TVs. It’s been going on for several months,” said Detective Brian Hofmeister with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Police said the crime spree appeared to be the work of more than one crew.

“Some of this appears to be a common scheme, especially the office equipment,” Hofmeister said.

Thieves have targeted small businesses and their customers too.

The strip mall near 71st Street and Interstate 465 has had at least four recent burglaries and car break-ins that were  too numerous to count.

“They’re doing it during business hours for us. One customer was parked up front, right by the front door. They broke out a window and took his computer and he had tinted windows,” said Jennifer McClendon of Gatsby’s Pub and Grill.

Police and victims said the crime spree has continued unabated for at least six months. Businesses were starting to feel the pressure on the bottom line.

“I had a customer I ended up losing. She was dropping off her children at the daycare over here. And just in that short period of time, she came back out and her car had been broken into also,” said Carol Dye of Classic Cleaners.

IMPD have arrested at least one individual on burglary charges. That person remained in jail, but the arrest didn’t stop or slow down the crime wave.

“So, it’s a little scary. I think what we need is a bit more patrols around here and to keep people honest,” Dye said.

IMPD urged consumers to not leave valuables in plain sight in their vehicles.

Businesses were urged to invest in security systems that feature alarms and cameras.


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