Customers' layaway money swiped from Indianapolis antique store

Store owner says at least 2 customers affected

INDIANAPOLIS - A criminal investigation has been launched into a former employee after layaway money paid by at least two customers was stolen from a northeast Indianapolis antique shop.

The owner of the shop in the 3400 block of North Shadeland Avenue told police he is making good on all the affected items placed in layaway, so customers shouldn’t be affected.  However, the store has pegged its losses at more than $200 and counting.

A woman reported to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police on Thursday that she discovered her layaway money had been pocketed by a former employee of the antique store.

She said she had phoned the store to let them know she couldn't make it to the store for a required payment, so the employee who answered the phone offered to come and collect the payment from her home on Brouse Avenue.

She later discovered that her money was gone, as was the original receipt and paperwork reflecting her purchase and her other payments.

The police report reflects that the store was left with no paperwork on the antiques that were purchased, and no paperwork on the payments that had already been made by the customer.  

The store owner told police he had discovered at least one other layaway that had money swiped in the same manner.

No charges were immediately filed, but the police report lists the suspect in those thefts as being a 53-year-old man.

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