Cybersecurity demands up following several high-profile Twitter hacks

ITT Tech offers bachelor's in cybersecurity

INDIANAPOLIS - Demand for cybersecurity expertise is sky high after several recent high-profile Twitter hacks, and ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis is helping meet that demand.

"The demand and interest in that field has really skyrocketed though, since 9/11," said Dean Kempter, the chief academic officer at ITT, where students can earn a bachelor's in cybersecurity.

Kempter believes the recent hacking events will spur more interest in people earning cybersecurity degrees, as well as governmental agencies and businesses hiring those graduates.

"We live our lives on the Internet or in a network these days, so the stakes have gone up to both defend and for people who want to get in there for nefarious reasons, the payout to them is even higher," Kempter said.

Joe Daily, the chair of ITT Tech's School of Information Technology, said the nature of hacking has changed dramatically.

"Hacking 10 years ago was about the conquest of the task, now it's about money it's about identity theft," Daily said. "There's a fine line now between cybersecurity and corporate espionage."

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