Danville teens accused of copper theft, vandalism

Suspects arrested in string of crimes

DANVILLE, Ind. - A string of unexplained crimes in Putnam and Hendricks counties appear to be connected and police said two 18-year-olds appear to be responsible.

Officials said it didn’t take long to pin down the suspects, Travis Clay and Nicholas Bradshaw, in the crime spree.

The Danville Chief of Police said in just the past few days, at least a dozen vehicles were vandalized and a couple businesses were burglarized, including Cameron Plumbing. 

Officials said scrap copper was stolen from Cameron Plumbing.

"Total what we recovered was several hundred dollars worth of copper, probably 150 pounds of material we recovered from vehicle we seized today," Chief William Wright said.

That vehicle belonged to Clay.

Police also told RTV6 that Clay used to work at Cameron Plumbing, where his job was to cut up scrap copper. 

Officials said Clay was recently fired. He also lives within blocks of the vandalized vehicles. 

Investigators began to put the pieces together, helped by the fact that Clay and Bradshaw were arrested last week in Putnam County for criminal mischief and burglary.

The two suspects face multiple charges while their victims, hopefully, won’t face the frustrations of being victims anymore.

"They go to bed at night, wake up next morning, find windows broken out of vehicles, scratches down the side. They're out thousands of dollars for nothing. This is a senseless act,” Wright said.

Wright said the suspects have a history of breaking the law and one was even on probation at the time of the most recent crimes.

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