Dash cam captures dramatic police-involved shooting, chase in Lafayette

Shootout starts in IHOP parking lot

LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Dramatic dashboard video captured a police chase and deadly shooting in Lafayette last Thursday. 

Lafayette police released the video and 911 call to RTV6. 

The 911 call came from a man named Scott who is a friend of the victim, 62-year-old Joel Hershman. 

Scott explained to dispatchers that a man was holding Joel at gunpoint outside the IHOP on South Street. 

That man was Steven Moseley, a homeless man who was doing work for Hershman.
When officers arrived at the IHOP, they learned both Hershman and Moseley had taken off in a silver Dodge pickup. 

Police found blood on the ground in the area where the truck had been.
Police say Moseley had shot Hershman, moved him to the passenger side and drove off.  Investigators quickly found the truck behind a business.
“As the truck came upon the officers, it slowed momentarily. The driver of the truck fired what we can determine to be three rounds at the officers," explained Police Chief Patrick Flannelly.
Flannelly said Officer Donna Gregorash returned fire as the truck headed toward officers.

"She started to fear the truck was going to strike her and crash into her," he said.
After a brief chase, it all came to an end.

"The vehicle slowed in the middle of the road. Another gunshot came out back of the windows of the truck. Officers believed they were being fired upon again," Flannelly stated.
But the gunshot was Moseley killing himself. The truck he was driving then crashed into a home.
Gregorash was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation because she fired shots. She has since been cleared to return to work.

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