David Bisard appeals verdict, wants new trial

Lawyers: Many errors occurred ahead of trial

INDIANAPOLIS - Former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer David Bisard wants a new trial.

Bisard was convicted in November in Allen County for drunken driving killing a motorcyclist and injuring two others, but he believes a number of errors occurred on his long road to trial.

Bisard's appeal is officially underway. The Marion County Public Defender Agency has requested a transcript of the trial and everything is on the table, including the dismissal and the re-instatement of the alcohol-related charges that occurred in the courtroom three years ago.

Bisard's attorneys believe they have many avenues for appeal, chief among them, the failure of the court to admit IMPD crash statistics to show that accidents involving police and the public in general are commonplace.

The lawyers also believe that the Bisard jury should have been sequestered throughout trial and denied access to media, social media and the Internet.

Bisard's lawyers also believe that a juror, who researched the admissibility of blood-alcohol tests on the Internet and then relayed the information to fellow jurors was grounds for a mistrial. Instead, the juror was dismissed from the panel.

In all, the Marion County Prosecutor's office spent more than $70,000 on hotels, expert witnesses and trial exhibits during the three-and-a-half week trial.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office spent more than $17,000 housing Bisard in jail and transporting him to Fort Wayne for hearings and trial.

The Marion County Auditor's office is still awaiting a bill from Allen County officials for expenses from juror fees, meals and the cost of incarcerating Bisard during his trial.

The Allen County court staff has 90 days to provide a transcript of the trial. The Marion County Public Defender Agency then has 30 days to file the actual appeal.

The State Attorney General then has 30 days to respond.

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