Deputy hit by vehicle after car chase in S. Indiana

ORANGE COUNTY, Ind. - A southern-Indiana sheriff's deputy is recovering Monday morning after a multi-county pursuit led authorities down a dead-end county road, with the suspect vehicle barreling at the deputy as the driver attempted to escape.

Indiana State Police (ISP) said at just before 2 a.m., the Harrison County Sheriff's Office began pursuing a vehicle (a black Honda Civic) in Palmyra, Ind.

The car chase spanned U.S. Highway 150 through Washington County and into Orange County, where ISP said it continued through county roads. The chase ended at a dead-end on County Road 820 South.

ISP said the suspect vehicle turned around at the dead end to face a deputy's car. That deputy reportedly got out of his vehicle and ordered the driver to stop. The vehicle then began to drive forward toward the deputy, so ISP said the deputy opened fire, hitting two people inside the car through the windshield.

The car continued, hitting the deputy and throwing him onto the hood of his patrol car, ISP said. 

An Indiana Conservation Officer was behind the deputy and stopped the suspect vehicle from going any further. The people inside the car were taken into custody.

ISP said the deputy who was hit by the car suffered injuries to his back and legs.

Investigators are not releasing information on the suspects at this point.

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