Johnson County deputy: Man gets stabbed, wants to deal with attackers 'his way'

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - The Johnson County sheriff said a man is not being cooperative with investigators after he was stabbed by a couple of acquaintances early Tuesday morning.

The sheriff’s office said at roughly 2:20 a.m., a deputy was sent to 5362 N. County Road 300 East after a man had reported being stabbed. The deputy said he spoke with the man, who had a small, half-inch stab wound on the upper-left portion of his chest.

The man told the deputy he had been lying on his couch in his trailer when two men burst in and stabbed him. The victim told the deputy he knew who the two men were, but he wasn’t going to tell investigators their identities and would just “take care of it himself.”

The deputy said medical crews arrived and treated the man, taking him to Wishard Memorial Hospital. While in the emergency room, the deputy said the only other information he could get out of the man was he had been at Austin’s Bar and Grill in Franklin, Ind., and some kind of argument had taken place. The man told the deputy some threats had been made, but he hadn’t taken them seriously. He said he came home and watched TV, which was when he was stabbed.

The deputy said the man told him he didn’t want any investigation of the incident and he would “take care of it his way.”

Sheriff Doug Cox said although investigators do not know yet exactly what happened, they do know one thing: “We will be investigating this with our without his help.”

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