Digging out to be long process for central Indiana

Several inches of snow clog streets

INDIANAPOLIS - Digging out from the Blizzard of 2012 will be a difficult task for central Indiana residents, with snowfall totals ranging from 6 to 12 inches in some areas.

Road crews were out in full force to face the storm, but it was an uphill battle and it will take some time for residential streets to be cleared.

City and state crews say most of the main roads and interstates were relatively clear by late Thursday morning. 

The Indiana Department of Transportation had crews out Thursday working to clear interstates, state routes and U.S. highways.
The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has been focusing their efforts on close to 4,000 lane miles of neighborhood streets and other secondary roads.
"It's slush, so you know clearing out that way making sure all lanes are visible, just making roads as safe as possible," said DPW's Lesley Malone. "It just takes time so we ask everyone to really be patient and know that we are going to get to them."

With forecast highs to stay mostly below freezing in the coming days, Mother Nature isn't helping much.

"It's pretty bad. You get a lot of drifting out there. That's what's killing us, mainly," said David White, who was driving a snow plow.

No matter how hard crews try, there are always complaints.

"When I got home at 2 o'clock, Washington Street was really just packed with snow," said resident Faris Hallal. "I only saw two trucks when I went in about 6 o'clock this morning."

DPW said it will do whatever is needed to get the streets cleared.

"The hardest spots are you have your hills and your elevated roadways," said Malone. "In general, there are just going to be some areas that are harder to get to than others. In general, we've been able to hit where we need to go."

Private contractors began plowing secondary streets Wednesday evening.

"Obviously, we're a second thought past the main arteries in the city, but it's great when they come through and get us clear," said resident Chris St. John.

Many residents faced prospects of clearing their driveways to have the end of them covered again when the plow truck comes through.

About 350 pieces of equipment were being used to clean neighborhoods.

South of Indianapolis in Monroe County, some residents were unable to get their vehicles out until Thursday afternoon.

"They're in housing additions and culs-de-sac, and they're really tough to get to because of not having a place to put the snow," said Jim Comerford, with Monroe County Emergency Management.

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