Diver responding to SUV in White River finds no driver, no witnesses

Tire tracks leading to the water seemed fresh

INDIANAPOLIS - Divers investigating a submerged vehicle Friday found the car to be empty.

The Indianapolis Fire Department was called to Bluff Road and Raymond Street after a driver spotted a vehicle in the White River and called 911.

A white SUV was almost completely submerged about 12 feet from the shore, fire officials said.

One diver was deployed to search the vehicle, but there was nobody inside.

The driver-side window of the SUV was down.

Officials said the diver also searched the water around the vehicle in case the driver had escaped the car but not made it to shore, but nobody was found.

Investigators said there were tire tracks leading into the water that seemed to be fresh, but no witnesses reported seeing the vehicle drive into the water. A man who lives under the Raymond Street bridge told crews he didn't see or hear anything.

The diver had to be treated on the scene for slight nausea from breathing in fumes from the SUV, but no other injuries were reported.

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