DIY revolution sweeping nation as families look for chemical-free, cost-efficient alternatives

Good Morning Indiana presents 3 easy DIY projects

INDIANAPOLIS - The DIY revolution is sweeping the nation, filling the minds of men and women with do-it-yourself projects that can save money and time. This week, "Good Morning Indiana" is bringing the movement into your home with three easy projects.

Rebeca Holloway of Greenwood, who authors the blog "The Average Parent ," makes a number of products. One product she uses all over her home is surface cleaner.

"We clean the floors with it. We clean the mirrors, the glass, the tables the counters, the walls, the toilet," Holloway said.

Surface Cleaner
4 teaspoons Borax
½ teaspoon castile soap
¼ cup white vinegar
3 drops essential oils
Warm water
32-ounce glass or thick plastic spray bottle

Holloway mixes the Borax, Castile soap and oils in a 32-ounce bowl. Then, she fills the bowl almost to the top with warm water, whisking the ingredients together. Then, she pours the solution into the 32-ounce bottle and adds the vinegar.

Holloway said she always shakes the bottle before using the solution to clean.

For a link to Holloway's surface cleaner bottle label, click here

Our second project comes to us from a pair of Indianapolis women: Michelle McNally of Indianapolis and Rachel Long of Greenwood. McNally has a blog, click here to learn more.

Laundry Detergent

Rachel’s recipe:

1 Fels Naptha bar

1 cup of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

½ cup of Borax

30 drops of essential oils


Rachel puts the Fels Naptha bar in a crock pot with some water overnight, melting the solid into a liquid.  In the morning, she pours that solution into a five gallon bucket. Then, she adds the baking soda, Borax and oils. Her five year old boy likes to help mix up the solution. However, Rachel warns, the solution will be piping hot, just out of the crock pot.

Then, she fills the rest of the five gallon bucket with water. When she’s ready to use the detergent, she fills an emptied-out milk jug half-way and then dilutes the solution again by filling the rest of the jug with water. The jug is then used like a regular detergent dispenser.

“When you pour it out, it kind of has a little chunkiness to it. That's just what it is,” said Rachel.

This recipe helped her family spend less than 27 dollars on detergent in an entire one-year timespan. She estimates one five gallon bucket has 500 loads in it.

Michelle’s Recipe:

3 heaping tbsp. of Super Washing Baking Soda

3 heaping tbsp. of Borax

2 heaping tbsp. dish washing detergent (Brand and scent is your choice)

In an emptied out milk jug, Michelle combines the ingredients and then fills the rest of the jug up with water, slowly, letting the suds decrease.

“I bought all of these things in September for about nine dollars and I'm not done using them yet,” Michelle said.

Michelle estimates, with this detergent, each load of laundry costs her family under five cents.


Our third project comes to us from Rebeca Holloway, author of The Average Parent blog.

Vapor Rubs and Lip Balms

½ cup Coconut Oil

2-4 tbsp. of Bee’s Wax

1-2 Vitamin E Capsules

Essential Oils

Glass or plastic containers

Rebeca warms up a double boiler, to melt down the Coconut Oil and Bee’s Wax beads or shavings. Then, she pours half the solution into medium sized containers to make the vapor rub. Click here to see what essential oils she suggests for this healing recipe.

Then, she uses a different set of oils (her husband prefers peppermint!) to mix into the solution for lip balms. It’s as easy as filling each tube all the way to the top with the solution.

Note: Rebeca said the more Bee’s Wax you use, the thicker the solution will become.

“It's cheaper than your average drug store products but the best part is it doesn't have any of the nasty chemicals in it. It's totally healthy, it's totally natural,” Rebeca said.

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