Search resumes for Michigan man in Indiana river

COLUMBUS, Ind. - Authorities in southern Indiana are refining their search for a Michigan kayaker who remains missing after two days of searching. Search efforts that were suspended Monday afternoon were due to resume Tuesday morning.

Bartholomew County dispatchers received a call of a capsized kayak and missing kayaker in the Flatrock River near Mill Race Park on Sunday morning.

The man, identified as Enrique Quinonez, 27, of Kalamazoo, Mich., was kayaking with a friend when both kayaks capsized. Neither man was wearing a life jacket, and Quinonez didn't know how to swim, authorities said.

Quinonez's friend was able to pull him to a tree, but Quinonez lost his grip and was pulled under by the fast-moving current.

"I don't know the victim's history as far as his experience kayaking, but the conditions of the water definitely played a huge role," said Conservation Officer Jet Quillen, who was part of the search effort.

Quillen says searchers have used multiple boats and sonar in searching for Quinonez. Quillen says continuous rain Monday hampered search efforts.

Quinonez was the third person lost in flood waters over the weekend.

On Saturday, the bodies of 24-year-old Jana Payton and her 5-year-old son Bronson were recovered after their car was swept away by flood waters .

The Dept. of Natural Resources warns that flooded rivers are dangerous, and may have powerful currents that can overcome even experienced swimmers.

"It's nice weather. People want to get outside, but a lot of the rivers are at flood conditions and that just poses too much of a risk," Quillen said. "We say stay away from them until they recede, and we're expecting more rain coming, so it's a hazard."

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