Doctor suspended after alleged extreme road-rage incident in Kentucky

BRANCHVILLE, Ind. - An Indiana doctor has been suspended from his company after being arrested Monday. Kentucky police said another driver captured cell phone video of the doctor pulling a gun on the interstate and shooting it toward the man’s car.

A spokeswoman from Corizon Correctional Health Care, a prison health management company, told RTV6 Tuesday that Perrin Dobyns, of Corydon, Ind., has been suspended.

A driver approached Kentucky State Police after he said he was driving down Interstate 75 in Madison County, Ky., on Sunday and saw another car driving recklessly.

The man told police he pulled out his cell phone to get it on video, and that’s when the driver, Dobyns, pulled out his gun and fired a shot at the other vehicle.

Kentucky State Police said Dobyns was arrested at the correctional facility he works at in Branchville, Ind.

Dobyns will be extradited to Kentucky where he will be officially charged, officials said.

“This is an unfortunate incident involving one of our employees,” the spokeswoman for Dobyns’ company said. “We cannot comment until we know more of the facts, but Dr. Dobyns has been suspended without pay pending our review of this matter.”

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