Dogs, cats, young girl removed from Delaware Co. home

Homeowner accused of neglect

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. - The head of Delaware County’s Animal Care said he doesn’t think a woman should ever be allowed to get her pets back after finding her home overrun by cats and dogs.

To make matters worse, her young daughter was living in the same filthy conditions.

Officials said there was a strong smell of urine and feces coming from the home.

Phil Peckinpaugh, the head of Animal Control for Muncie and Delaware County, said it was a typical hoarding situation.

When he arrived at the home of Amy McCreery on Tuesday, he knew there was a problem.

"When we went into the house, there were cats everywhere, the floor was filled with fecal matter, the walls were covered in urine," Peckinpaugh said.

McCreery and her 12-year-old daughter lived in the home full of cats and dogs.

"It bothers me just because I am a mom and I hate for any child to be in that situation. It's heartbreaking for her that she lived in those conditions." neighbor Heather Jones said.

Officials with the Indiana Department of Child Services removed the young girl from the unsanitary conditions while Animal Control officials took the animals --16 cats and five dogs.

Most of the dogs were found outside in the extreme heat with no food, water or shelter.

Peckinpaugh said some cats were still at the home, and McCreery promised to clean up her cluttered house and help catch the animals so they could be turned over to Animal Control.

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