Dogs prep for competition in Indy dog show at Indiana State Fairgrounds

135 breeds compete at show

INDIANAPOLIS - It's a dog's life at the Indiana State Fairgrounds this weekend as thousands of competitors are unleashed to compete for best in show at the Indy Winter Classic Dog Show.

The competition is fierce among the 135 breeds from all over the country.

VIEW: Images of dogs competing in the show

"They give you a picture of a perfect dog, then the judge takes that and compares it to all the dogs she judges," said event organizer Kevin Allen.

The dogs are all prepped to perform and primped for perfection.

"It takes me, you know, a half hour to get ready in the morning compared to three hours for him," said one handler, as she straightened her dog's fur with a flat iron.

Hair is of the utmost importance in a dog show.

"There's a big part of the standard that calls for a good harsh hair, you know," said handler Derek Beatty. "And they are supposed to be profusely coated so you just keep them de-matted and white and trimmed and all that stuff matters quite a bit at a dog show."

Many are treating this weekend as a warm up for the well-known Westminster Dog Show in New York City next week.

The show runs through Sunday, and tickets are $7 for adults.

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