Don's Guns employee injured in shooting returns to work

Ben Chance shot in chest at work

INDIANAPOLIS - A gun store employee who was shot at work and returned fire, killing the suspect, was back to work Friday.

Longtime Don's Guns employee Ben Chance was back on the job after 19 days in the hospital recovering from a gunshot to the chest.

Chance, who is still in physical therapy for his injuries, said he remembers the Sept. 17 shootout like it was yesterday.

"The first shot was 4 feet away. It went right through my necklace here and out my back," Chance said. "It ricocheted off my shoulder blade bone and then came out the side of my back, back here."

Police said Brian Wayner, 26, came in to Don's Guns near 38th Street and Lafayette Road back in September, rented a .40 caliber gun and fired for about an hour at the indoor shooting range.

But when he went up to the counter to pay, Wayner pulled out the gun again.

"I was smiling. I thought the guy was joking around," Chance said.

Then Wayner opened fire, shooting Chance in the chest, police said. Chance said he believes the young suspect was mentally ill, but says he showed no warning signs.

In the surveillance video, you can see Chance reach for his gun, and in a split second he returns fire, killing Wayner.

"I've carried a gun since I was 18 years old and I'm 42 years old; this is the first time I've had to shoot anybody," Chance said. "I'm very lucky because when I shot and dropped to the ground he was still able to get off two more rounds that just barely whizzed by my head."

Chance said he lost over half his blood and had to be revived twice.

He said co-worker Brenda Duety saved his life by using her hands to stop the bleeding. 

"He's talking to me, he's saying it hurts," Duety said. "I'm telling him, 'Just hang on, hang on'."

Chance said he feels bad that he had to take a life, but has no hesitation coming back to work.

"I've been wanting to come back for quite some time. The doctor just wouldn't let me. This is my second home here. Everybody in here is my family."

Chance said he'll keep the bullet that went through him as a souvenir. 

Gun store owner Don Davis said that Chance, an experienced shooting instructor, did exactly what he trains others to do.

"He did exactly what any of us would do," Davis said. "We'll shoot you back. And there were two guns right behind him to shoot him if he wasn't dead. He'd have never got up off the floor."

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