Don't let back-to-school rush affect travel safety

CDC: More than 50% of teens 16+ text and drive

INDIANAPOLIS - As little ones head off to school, there are several distractions that could ultimately lead to danger. RTV6 dug deeper to find more on what parents need to know as families head out the door.

By now, every driver knows the dangers of texting and driving – and even though it's illegal, drivers still do it.

“Distracted driving is a huge issue,” AAA Hoosier Motor Club spokesman Greg Seiter said. “It's attributed to 3,000 deaths per year and those numbers are growing with the number of gadgets and distractions we have."

Take all of those distractions in cars – coupled with school about to resume with children crossing streets – and suddenly, it's a dangerous combination.

According to AAA, in 2005, many of the traffic deaths involving school children happened before and after school and 82 percent occurred at non-intersection locations.

On top of that, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly half of high school students 16 or older admit to texting or emailing while driving.

“Cell phones, texting – this is all very dangerous and certainly conversations can wait," Seiter said.

And saving those conversations for later can save the lives of children going back to school.

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