DPW aiming to fill 500 potholes Saturday in repair blitz

INDIANAPOLIS - This winter was especially hard on roads, and even though Department of Public Works employees have been working hard to fill them, hundreds of potholes remain.

That's why the DPW is hoping to fill 500 or more potholes on Saturday in an 8-hour blitz.

"We are seeing a record number of service requests come in to our department, so our crews are extending their work week and going to work a full eight hour day on Saturday and blitz our main thoroughfares and get some of these potholes taken care of," said Lesley Gordon, DPW spokeswoman.

 "We just want to make sure that those areas that hit the most traffic that are damaged get fixed right away," Gordon added.

If you hit a pothole and suffer personal or property damage, you can file a tort claim against the city.

According to the Office of Corporation Counsel, which handles tort claims, 850 claims have been filed since January 1 of this year.

Out of those claims, six people received a settlement, most were denied, and many are still pending.

"We really understand that people are out there and are seeing some damage," Gordon said. "We encourage them to keep reporting those potholes so that we can keep track of them, as well as, you know, just drive carefully in some of those areas where you know there is some deterioration."

You can start the process of filing a claim by calling the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4622.

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