DPW prepares to attack historic storm

INDIANAPOLIS - Department of Public Works employees were gearing up Saturday for a full call-out to attack snow and ice Sunday.

Officials said the full force of 150 pieces of equipment would be on the road to combat a projected 6-10 inches of snow heading Indy's way. Still, they acknowledged that even all their resources can't always defeat Mother Nature.

"When the winds pick up, you know the best we can do is just stay on the routes -- stay out here as long as it takes," said INDOT Foreman Ray Gill. "The forces of Mother Nature are very unpredictable."

Alan Bacon, operations administrator for DPW, said he's hoping for a "lot of patience and understanding" about the effort and time involved in cleaning up a storm like this.

"This is going to be a blanket of snow. It's going to come fast and it's going to come quick," Bacon said. "We’re going to get probably about an inch of snow per hour and it doesn’t matter what resources we have it’s going to be an awful lot of snow.” 

High winds and fast snowfall can give the appearance that DPW drivers haven't been out plowing even when they recently hit the area, Bacon said. 

Nevertheless, drivers will be doing their best, working 12 and 16 hour shifts for the next couple of days, he added.

"Although the weather may be rough at times, we're out here doing what we need to do to keep this city open and keep the highways clear and clean," Bacon said. "Just give us room to work and everything will be all right."

Drivers are expected to begin salting highways and interstates around midnight, with plowing to begin once snow levels reach 2 inches.

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