Drifts from snow plows cause new troubles

Semi among vehicles stuck at Meridian, 54th

INDIANAPOLIS - Large snow drifts left behind by passing snow plows were causing a new round of problems for drivers and residents on all corners of Indianapolis on Tuesday.

A semi-truck was stuck for hours after his trailer became wedged in a 3-foot snow drift as he rounded the corner from Meridian Street onto 54th Street before 10 this morning.

The trucker said he was hauling a load of groceries, but the steep drifts left behind by snow plows on Meridian ended up tearing into his brake lines. The rear wheels of the trailer were left lodged among a frozen and firm bank of snow.

"I'm waiting on a mechanic," he said.

The same thing happened to a pickup truck driver as he tried to cross the snow banks left by plows at 38th Street and Meridian. He was left spinning his wheels as he tried to drive into a plowed business lot, but he was unable to make it over the piles of snow.

Drivers were seen digging out the plowed snow around their cars throughout the city, as people prepared for the idea of returning to work and school this week.

Kathleen Smith was unable to cross the plowed snow that was blocking her Meridian Kessler driveway. She said, "I thought I'm not going to get over this hill, even with a four-wheel drive. I want to try to shovel it out. So I made tracks and doing my best," she said.

She was struggling to cut layers of the hardened snow. 

"It's just this last little bit is kind of icy," she said.

For others whose cars were buried into curbside parking spots, some were relying on groups of friends to dig them out. One woman was seen crawling under her car, using an ice scraper to dislodge snow that had caked around her tires.

Tow trucks were needed for some cars, while snow plow drivers were seen drumming up business by offering to clear driveways of the thick snow left by snow plows during the citywide snow emergency.

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