Drivers say newly paved road is hazardous

Road is also damaging trees

INDIANAPOLIS - Drivers said a recent paving upgrade has made one busy road even worse and they want it fixed.

The stretch of County Line Road South is highly traveled and highly dangerous according to some drivers.

“There’s just no place, if you drop a wheel off the side, you’re done. You’re going to crash the underside of your car against the pavement and off into the ditch and maybe roll over,” driver Ron Vaught said. “There’s just no forgiving if you drop off the side.”

Vaught said although the recent repaving between Arlington Avenue and Combs Road smoothed the surface, it also raised the road, making the drop-off even more dramatic.

The repaving led to the blacktop going right up to the edge of the trees.

“You see lots of damage to the trees where people have nicked them,” Vaught said.

He said he has seen several accidents along the stretch of road since it was repaved and he worries about future accidents on the road he travels every day with this grandchildren.

“I’m disappointed that all they did is put a surface on it and not just re-engineer the road, give us another 2 or 3 feet and get rid of all the trees and move the ditch back further from the edge of the road. I just think it was a poor use of money,” Vaught said.

Officials with the Department of Public Works said there is very little room to work with there, but they do plan to add some stone to the shoulder and do some work on the ditches in the following weeks.

DPW encouraged residents to call the Mayor's Action Center to report poor road conditions.

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