Early morning police chase ends with search of Fall Creek near Keystone

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police officers' pursuit of a speeding car early Wednesday morning ended with an abandoned vehicle and a search of Fall Creek on the north side of Indianapolis.

At roughly 3 a.m., a Indianapolis police (IMPD) vehicle was following a southbound passenger car on North Keystone Avenue near 62nd Street. For some reason, the car refused to pull over, and began to increase its speed.

An RTV6 digital desk employee had just pulled out onto southbound Keystone Avenue from Kessler Boulevard when the passenger car sped past with one IMPD vehicle chasing it. Although it's an estimate, by the look of it, the car was exceeding the speed limit quite a bit.

Several more police cars joined the chase on southbound Keystone, which came to an end at the intersection of Fall Creek Parkway and Keystone.

At the intersection were roughly a dozen IMPD cars near the passenger car, which appeared to have been abandoned on the Keystone bridge over Fall Creek. 

Several officers looked to be searching the creek for someone, and dispatchers indicated the driver may have been captured with the help of a police K-9.

RTV6 crews arrived on the scene as officers were apprehending the driver, pictured in our images.

A shot of the driver's arm shows a bandage covering a possible dog bite.

IMPD did not immediately release details on the pursuit, including the driver's identity and why he may have been trying to escape police.

Watch RTV6 and refresh this page for updates.

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