East side Indianapolis community food pantry burglarized

Brightwood Community Center hit by thieves


An east side Indianapolis community food pantry was burglarized, leaving hundreds of families who depended on the donations without a holiday meal.

The Brightwood Community Center in the 2400 block of Station Street has been providing underprivileged families with afterschool programs, clothing and food for the past 45 years.

Executive Director Khala Granville said she came to work last week and discovered a broken window. When she went inside, she found most of the food had been taken, including all of the pantry's meat.

"There was a television that was in the kitchen that was smashed on the floor. It was basically like the person had gone through (the center) trying to figure out what was valuable and what wasn't. Whatever they did think was valuable, they stuck it in the trash can that had wheels and wheeled it off," Granville said.

The center will now have to start from scratch to collect enough donations to provide Christmas meals for over 200 families. 

To make a donation to the Brightwood Community Center, visit brightwoodcommunitycenter.wordpress.com

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