Ellettsville still soaked after storm

Flooding damaged downtown homes, shut off power

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. - A heavy rain fell on Indiana this weekend, dropping more than 5 inches of rain in some places and leaving many with flooded homes and stranded vehicles.

In Ellettsville, a creek already swollen by days of rain erupted into a flash flood. Now, some residents are wondering when, or if, they'll get to go home.

"We have nothing. We don't know where we're going to go," said Ellettsville resident Rebecca Hamilton. "The Red Cross is trying to get us somewhere … and neighbors. Thank god for neighbors."

Flooding was particularly bad in the downtown area, which experienced road closures and power outages throughout the night. Residents said the water rose up in an instant before quickly receding, leaving a mess of mud and debris.

"Next thing you know, in probably 40-45 minutes, that back parking lot … it was just everywhere," said Roy Collins. "It was just unbelievable."

Residents seem to agree that this is the worst flooding the area has seen since a June 2008 storm that swamped much of southern Indiana in heavy rains. But this year, the floods came in December – just days before Christmas.

"Right now, we're just assessing the scope of the damage here in Ellettsville," said Tom Triplett, with the Monroe County Red Cross. "We're knocking on every door."

One of those doors belonged to Rhonda Warthen, whose apartment was damaged when 18 inches of water rushed in.

"A lot of sentimental things [were damaged]," she said. "But we're all healthy and ok, so that's what really matters."

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