Emotions boil over outside courtroom in quadruple murder case

Kenneth Rackemann accused in quadruple murder case

INDIANAPOLIS - The suspect in a quadruple murder appeared calm and reserved during a hearing Monday morning, but that wasn't the case for family members of the victims.

Kenneth Rackemann, 24, is accused of killing Walter Burnell, Jacob Rodemich, Haley Navarro and Kristy Sanchez last month. The victims were found shot to death inside a home in the 3400 block of South Parker Avenue, near Interstate 65 and Keystone Avenue.

Rackemann and three other suspects have been held at the Marion County Jail since the incident.

Rackemann's initial hearing went routinely, but things quickly turned confrontational as the courtroom cleared.

Melissa Gilbert, Sanchez's aunt, got into a shouting match with a group of people who attended the hearing to support Rackemann.

"He's a piece of crap. He should get the death penalty.  He should sit for a long time then he should go on death row. He should not be alive. He took my niece. He should not be alive," Gilbert said.

Sanchez's cousin, Ashley Brown, said the incident has taken a toll on her family.

"This is very devastating because (Sanchez) has two children. None of these other (suspects) have children.  It's worse on us because we've got to watch these young ones grow up without a mother," Brown said.

Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson said that the death penalty is under consideration in the case.

"We continue to work with detectives to look at the strength of the case. We will be scheduling meetings in the upcoming two to three weeks and there is an internal process for consideration in any death penalty-qualified case and this certainly meets that criteria," Robinson said.

The other suspects 26-year-old Anthony Larussa, 21-year-old Valencia Williams, and 20-year-old Samantha Bradley made their appearances and pleaded not guilty on Friday.

Rackeman told the judge he has never held a job. The court appointed a public defender to represent him.

His next court appearance is set for April 10.

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