Ex-GIPC leader faces dozens of criminal charges

INDIANAPOLIS - The former director of the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee is facing dozens of criminal charges, officials announced Thursday.

Matthew Hendrix is accused of misusing more than $96,000 of the organization's money by making payments to fictitious vendors from September 2012 to February 2014.

Hendrix has been charged with 26 counts of forgery and one count of theft.

Court documents alluded to his lavish lifestyle and a possible gambling addiction.

Hendrix was fired by GIPC in March after reportedly using a company credit card to pay $5,000 for a cruise. Investigators said Hendrix received a $17,000 severance check when he was fired.

The police department's organized crime investigators also discovered that Hendrix paid a stripper a couple of hundred dollars to cash checks for him in the amount of $11,000.

The Indiana Gaming Commission said that one casino filed a judgment against him and they have records of him gambling at four other Indiana casinos.

Murray Clark released the following statement on behalf of GIPC about Hendrix:

"We are extraordinarily disappointed in the situation that led to the charges filed against Matt Hendrix yesterday. We considered Matt to be a part of the GIPC family since he began in 2008. We know of course that other institutions far larger and more sophisticated than GIPC have been harmed by this type of malfeasance before, yet the sting of these actions is very painful. We commend our Interim Director John Ryan, and Brooke Thomas our Deputy Director, who have done yeoman’s work in this matter while at the same time remaining engaged and laser focused on moving us forward with our many meaningful initiatives, as GIPC has for nearly 50 years." 

GIPC is a private, nonprofit, non-partisan organization that was formed in 1965 to help manage certain initiatives for the City of Indianapolis.

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