Excise police: 235 people arrested at Indiana University's Little 500

Number is a record high

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Officers with Indiana State Excise Police said they arrested 235 people on 285 charges during Indiana University’s Little 500 events in Bloomington over the weekend.

The majority of tickets were for alcohol offenses, particularly illegal possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Officers also made arrests for possession of ecstasy, operating while intoxicated, theft, criminal conversion, criminal trespass, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, resisting law enforcement, false informing, indecent exposure, furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor, open container violation and public intoxication, authorities said.

Officials said the number of people cited this weekend was a record high for State Excise officers during a Little 500 weekend, but there was a notable drop in the number of dangerously high blood alcohol concentration levels over previous years.

About half of the people who were cited were not IU students, authorities said.

“Excise officers again focused their attention on Bloomington this weekend, when alcohol violations are historically high as a result of Indiana University’s Little 500,” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter said. “Their primary aim this weekend was to keep students, residents and visitors to Bloomington safe by enforcing Indiana law.”

Only one person was taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital for a medical evaluation for a high BAC.

Police said he opened the door of an unmarked police SUV that was stopped at a traffic light and got in the backseat because he said he thought it was a taxi cab. He tested .29 percent BAC.

He was taken to Monroe County Jail after receiving a medical evaluation.

Those who were cited by excise officers appeared in Monroe County Circuit Court on Sunday morning.

Most spent the day in alcohol awareness classes and doing community service.

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