Expansion of Good Samaritan law allows citizens to improve neighborhoods

Neighbors can improve abandoned homes

INDIANAPOLIS - Officials hope changes in state laws will help neighborhoods fight crime and improve their overall quality of life.

One new law will help neighborhoods deal with vacant and blighted properties. Officials hope the law will have an immediate impact on Indianapolis neighborhoods.

The city’s development director said Indianapolis has as many as 13,000 vacant and abandoned homes that become targets for criminal activity.

They weigh heavily on property values and they send a message to outsiders that a neighborhood doesn’t care.

A change in state law now empowers citizens to make a change for good.

“We’ve expanded the Good Samaritan law that currently allows you to mow the grass at an abandoned house, to now paint the graffiti that is on that abandoned house. So that now you can help clean it up and take back your neighborhood,” said Rep. Justin Moed, D-Indianapolis.

Residents now have the power to directly impact the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

The expanded version of the Good Samaritan law goes into effect July 1.

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