Experts inspect rides ahead of opening day at Indiana State Fair

Fair runs from Aug. 2 to Aug. 18

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana State Fair will open Friday and inspectors with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security spent the day Thursday making sure every ride was safe.

Although the major inspection was Thursday, officials said rides would be checked regularly throughout the fair’s entire 17-day run.

Danny Huston, the CEO of North American Midway Entertainment said his company goes to great lengths to make sure the rides are safe. 

Every employee goes through a background check and drug testing. The company has been providing the rides for the Indiana State Fair for years.

"We inspect them daily and we inspect them throughout the day also. We have ride-specific inspection sheets for each individual ride. So ride personnel cannot get their uniforms and IDs each day until that ride inspection form is filled out and then their supervisors will look over those also," Huston said.

Not only do the employees inspect the rides throughout the day, but an outside, independent contractor does too.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security will also have an inspector on site throughout the fair.

"We've been checking paperwork to make sure that training has occurred, to make sure that daily checklists are gone through before rides are started up, to make sure maintenance has been done. And then the inspectors go out and actually look at the rides and make sure that mechanically they're sound, that they're in compliance with state laws. That they're working correctly within the parameters that the manufacturer intended," said John Erickson with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Officials said to notify ride operators immediately if there is something concerning about a ride.

Call 888-203-5020 any time of the day to report additional concerns.

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