John Dion Longworth's father, sister speak out about lost son, brother

Dad: Son loved Cincinnati Reds, gardening

INDIANAPOLIS - Jennifer Longworth, a teacher at Southwest Elementary School, and her husband, John Dion Longworth, died Saturday night after an explosion at a home in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way in the Richmond Hill subdivision.

John Dion Longworth's sister, 33-year-old Brookley Longworth, heard about the explosion and began seeing pictures from the scene.

"We put it together once we saw Jennifer's car was in front of some of the rubble," she said. "We saw the pictures on different sites. That was the only way we really knew for sure, what had happened exactly... Everybody called his phone and left messages. Called Jennifer's phone. Nobody ever called back. That's when I got scared."

Longworth's father John went from hospital to hospital looking for his son without success. He finally went to Mary Bryan Elementary School hoping against hope that his son would be there. That is where he received the crushing news.

"I saw a fireman and asked him about (my son's) address," he said. "He hesitated and then he told me that was basically ground zero... We were just sitting and kept hope until the coroner came. When the coroner came, it was the most awful feeling I've ever had," he said.

John Longworth said his son liked going to Cincinnati Reds games with his wife, he loved gardening and he loved cone flowers. The good times, and the good person is what his family is clinging to.

Jennifer and Dion met when they both worked at the department store Montgomery Ward.

John Dion Longworth was the director of product development and technology for Indy Audio Labs, an Indianapolis-based company in the consumer electronics industry.

He helped start Indy Audio Labs, and wanted to make the best American-made audio equipment at the best price. 

"Throughout his more than 10-year career with our company, Dion's creative and technical contributions directly impacted the development of several award-winning consumer electronics products in public use," Rick Santiago, CEO and co-founder of Indy Audio Labs, said in a statement. "He will be missed by his co-workers at Indy Audio Labs and his industry colleagues and peers."

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