Extent of injuries for lightning strike victim still unknown

No timetable or idea on recovery yet

CINCINNATI, Ohio - The parents of a 12-year-old boy injured at a Zionsville summer camp have revealed more details about his recovery as they wait to bring him home.

Ethan Kadish is recovering at a rehabilitation center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

His parents released a statement that said his medical team believes he will remain in the hospital for many months, and will receive outpatient care for at least a year after that.

Kadish suffered a brain injury and there is no timetable on his recovery, or even an idea on how he will recover.

His parents said he has yet to speak, walk or voluntarily move. 

“When the lightning struck on the field at camp, Ethan went into cardiac arrest. Even with the use of immediate CPR and the AED device, it took quite a while to get Ethan’s heart to start beating on its own. As a result, his brain did not receive adequate blood flow and oxygen for a significant time period. Ethan’s MRI shows areas of his brain have sustained injury. The doctors tell us that the answers we all want will not be available for about a year as the full extent of his injuries are difficult to determine without more time and therapies,” his parents said in the statement.

Despite his brain injury, his parents said he has come a long way. Kadish continues to breathe on his own, but is fed through a G-tube. He has lost 20 pounds since the lightning strike.

“To say it is hard watching our child heal from this type of injury is an understatement. We are heartbroken. We are devastated. Yet we are determined. The challenge ahead is daunting but we are dedicated and focused on providing Ethan with every opportunity to heal. Doing this while raising our two other children will test each member of our family. The support and outreaching arms of Team Ethan—which includes family, friends, acquaintances, and those we have yet to meet—make this all possible. We are so fortunate to live in such a loving and caring community,” his parents continued in the statement. “Ethan needs time. As we have said many times, Ethan will heal on Ethan Time. Today, we are grateful for where we are and anxious about where we are headed. “

Kadish and two other campers were injured at Goldman Union Camp Institute on June 29 when a bolt of lightning struck while they were playing Ultimate Frisbee on the sports field.

Noah Auerbach and Lily Hoberman, both 9, were treated and released following the incident.

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