Fallen 93-year-old woman rescued by Ind. paper carrier after 3 days without food or water

Esther Wilkins fell in her home Wednesday

KOKOMO, Ind. - A 93-year-old woman was on the floor of her central Indiana home for three days before her shouts got the attention of a newspaper carrier.

Police said Esther Wilkins fell inside her Kokomo home after returning from church Wednesday evening and she was found Saturday morning. She went without food or water for three days until a newspaper carrier came to her rescue.

Wilkins said she's feeling better after a hospital stay and that she's grateful newspaper carrier Sam Gregory heard her yelling for help, the Kokomo Tribune reported.

"I noticed the last couple of days that her papers had been piling up on her door, which is unusual because she usually gets her paper every day," Gregory told RTV6. 

Wilkins said when she fell she landed in the kitchen but was eventually able to use a chair to wheel herself near the front door. She said Gregory always put the newspaper on her door handle so she moved close to the door for his arrival about 5 a.m. Saturday.

"She kept saying, 'Sam help me, Sam help me,' and it was kind of a cry because she'd been there so long," he said. "It was faint at first, but once she realized she got my attention she started pounding and it actually took me a while to get her to realize that she got my attention."


Through the door, Wilkins told Gregory the combination to the lock-box with the key. 
"She looked exhausted," Gregory said. "She had been sleeping on the floor not able to get anything to eat or anything." 
Wilkins' friends and neighbors said she usually wears a medical bracelet, but she didn't have it on at the time of the fall.
"I am very thankful for him, because if he wouldn't have come she wouldn't have been found for a couple of days and by then it probably would have been too late," said friend Tena Holtsclaw.
 "I think I'll give her a big hug and fuss at her about taking her bracelet off," neighbor Marie Simpson said. 
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