Baby falling from window saved by mattress

BURBANK, Calif. - A 911 call in Burbank, Calif., spurred several police and fire units to race to a scene Sunday where a toddler was dangling out of a third-story window. reports that by the time the emergency equipment arrived, first responders found the 3-year-old had already fallen, but had been caught by two people below. 

A husband and wife who were moving from one apartment to another down an alleyway were carrying their mattress. They looked up and saw what was happening. 

The two witnesses say the baby was throwing stuffed toys from an unsecured window, and when they yelled for him to stop, the baby climbed out of his window and after his toys. 

The pair carrying the mattress said they put the mattress down, anticipating his fall. 

The child's fall was halted for a bit by some phone lines, but then, the baby continued to fall two more stories down. 

The man below, Konrad Lightner, caught the baby in his arms.  Meanwhile, his wife kept dispatchers aware of the details.

The baby was treated for very minor injuries.