Falling ice poses hazard near downtown Indianapolis high-rise buildings

South entrance of City-County Building closed

INDIANAPOLIS - Chunks of ice began falling from downtown Indianapolis high-rise buildings, posing a danger for some people walking near them Wednesday.

The morning after more than 7 inches of snow fell, people arriving for court dates that were delayed due to the weather were steered around the hazard.

The south entrance to the City-County Building (CCB) was roped off with yellow tape, forcing people to maneuver to a different entrance one block to the north on Market Street.

Clumps of fallen ice were scattered in the ground in the walkways of the closed off south entrance, where hundreds of people enter the building on a typical day.

Workers in a Marion County Clerk's office on the sixth floor were startled before lunch hour when a large chunk of ice and snow slapped up against their window on its way down.

The collection of snow and ice appeared to be the size of a suitcase, leaving snow and streaks of water on the window when workers looked up at the loud noise.

Chunks of snow were also seen falling from a nearby high-rise along Alabama Street north of Market Street.

Several wind gusts caused numerous chunks of snow to break away from window ledges and the top of that building.

A deputy assigned to CCB said no injuries or damage had been reported as of early Wednesday afternoon.

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