Family lost home, but not hope, in fire

Little miracles found in home's ashes

GRANVILLE, Ind. - A central Indiana couple has been forced back to square one after fire destroyed their house and almost everything they own.

"This was my dream. We were having a new baby and we wanted to have a nice new house," said Sabrina Wright, whose Granville, Ind. home went up in flames earlier this week.

"I saw the smoke, I ran downstairs, and I grabbed the fire extinguisher. I tried to put the flames out and they singed my hair, and after that I had to run downstairs and run out," she said.

Wright's husband, Arnael, said this is the lowest he's been.

"I mean I've hit rock bottom, but not like this," he said.

But the Wrights said they are also counting their blessings, because the Tuesday fire spared some of their most precious belongings.

For instance, their 10-month-old son, Remington, was not home when the fire started. He was having his first-ever sleepover at Grandma's house.

"It's like a miracle that we had decided to let my son stay the first time with his grandma," Sabrina said.

The second little miracle comes with whiskers.

About an hour after the fire started, firefighters found and rescued the family cat, Simba.

His scorched paws and scared meow show and tell the story of his survival.

"You can see where the piece is starting to come off, but they will grow back. He'll be OK," Sabrina said.

The third little miracle: family photos rescued from the ashes, no worse for wear.

Sabrina said for two days, her emotions have been much like her belongings -- buried under the weight of it all.

"Still in shock… I still haven't cried over it," she said. "I don't know that I can cry over it."

The Wright family lost about $2,000 worth of Christmas gifts that were in the house, but they said, since the fire, they have been overwhelmed with donations and other community support.

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