Family mourns after snow plow driver killed in crash

Family believes fatigue was factor

INDIANAPOLIS - A family is grieving after a father of two was killed in a crash Wednesday on the city’s northeast side.

Donovan Snider worked as a private contractor removing snow for businesses and subdivisions. He worked throughout the storm Tuesday night and his family believes fatigue is what led to his untimely death.

Snider’s surviving sister, Christina Snider, said her brother worked hard to provide for his family.

He did landscaping, but clearing snow is what paid the bills during the winter months.

"And when you haven't had income for two months and you got two kids and you have to pay for the house and I’m sure other contractors are feeling that way," Snider said.

Snider said bank employees called police and reported her brother was sleeping in his truck in the parking lot.

An officer showed up and performed a sobriety test -- which was negative.

Moments later, after he left the bank parking lot, he crashed and died. Christina Snider believes her brother fell asleep at the wheel.

She said her brother had no insurance, but the family has set up an online donation page on .

She said people she has never met have already made financial contributions.

"What I’m thinking of for my nephews is the next step. They have a home, they have a roof over their head, they have to have food. I know I’m gonna take care of 'em, but you know, college...anything…anything that anybody would want to do is a blessing," Snider said.

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