Federal shutdown leaves WIC program with no funding

State says WIC can survive 1 month on current cash

INDIANAPOLIS - A popular program that helps mothers feed their children is in danger because of the government shutdown.

State officials said the WIC program is still in operation, but how long will the funds hold out now that Washington is no longer sending any new money? 

WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children Food and Nutrition Service, and it provides funding for low-income mothers to feed themselves and their children.

WIC is administered by the state, but it's federally funded.

On Tuesday, Washington cut off all payments to Indiana and other states as part of the government shutdown.

Mothers were reluctant to talk at one of the local program sites.

But state leaders have been calculating how much of the federal WIC funds they have in the bank and how long they can keep the program going.

Indiana State Department of Health spokeswoman Amy Reel said all local WIC clinics are open and operating.

"We can sustain functionality at this point for about thirty days,” Reel said. "We're using federal dollars from Fiscal Year 2013, they basically roll over dollars from that last federal fiscal year."

Indiana is in better shape than many other states trying to keep their WIC programs going.

Many of them are reporting that they have only enough balances in their WIC funds to operate for another week or ten days. 

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