Fight video posted on YouTube sparks conversation about handling fights in schools

34-second brawl caught on camera

INDIANAPOLIS - A rumble between two girls in a Northwest High School classroom last Thursday ended up on YouTube, and the incident has started a conversation about how educators can diffuse such situations.

It was a 34-second, full-fledged fist fight that extended all over the classroom, punctuated by punches and kicks. The teacher was in the classroom, but after the fight broke out, she was preoccupied calling for help to stop it.
Indianapolis Public Schools spokesman John Althardt would not do an on-camera interview, but he said fights at the school are a rare occurrence.  
Local educators say there are ways to diffuse these things before they happen.

Dr. Charlmare Thompson from the IU School of Education said programs are available to diffuse and dissuade in-school fighting.

"Those comprehensive strategies do exist. How do we now make sure to encourage those who say we want those in our school? We need to have those things," Thompson said. "We shouldn't be waiting for those things to come by because these are the things that get our attention, especially if they are on YouTube and things like that."

The students involved in the fight will be put through a six-step discipline process. The person who shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube will be disciplined as well, if administrators are able to identify that person.

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