Fishers firefighters deliver baby in polar temps

FISHERS, Ind. - Few will forget the snowstorm and polar vortex that turned Indiana into an icebox last month. For the Poer family of Fishers, though, it will always be especially memorable.

Amy and Patrick Poer have had plenty of experience delivering babies. Their fifth child, though, proved to be unique even for them.

Their story begins on the morning of January 7. It was one of the coldest days Indiana had seen in the past 20 years, and Patrick's wife had just awoken him in the early morning hours.

 "My wife got me up about 2:15 a.m., and she said her contractions were 5 minutes apart," Patrick said. "I was like, 'Oh my goodness.'"

Amy knew that the baby was coming fast. On a night after a foot of snow had fallen, coupled with wind chills of nearly 40 below, the couple made the only decision they could and called 911.

"The roads weren't good, so it slowed our response time a little bit," remembered Fishers Firefighter/Paramedic Tony Sturgeon.

When they arrived, firefighters tried to get Amy onto a chair to carry her downstairs for a transport to the hospital. But Amy didn't want to go.

"I said, 'There's no way," she said. "I'm not getting down the stairs, onto a gurney, into an ambulance, onto the roads and into the hospital before this baby is coming."

Amy was right. Five minutes later, she was having a baby on a mattress pad on the floor of her home.

Firefighter/Paramedics Bethon Nolin and Tony Sturgeon performed a professional first for both that night and helped deliver baby Liliah.

"I just caught," Nolin said. "I just caught the baby."

On Saturday, the Poers visited Fishers Fire Station 95 to thank the men and women who helped deliver Liliah one month ago. They said they wanted to express how grateful they were that help arrived in time to bring little Liliah safely into the world.

As for baby Liliah, despite a chilly first day, the Poers say she's doing great.

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