Flagpole at Native American memorial to be moved

Flagpole under controversy

MUNCIE, Ind. - After decades of controversy, officials in Muncie have decided to move a flagpole that stands in front of the city's iconic Native American memorial.

The flagpole displaying an American flag was installed in 1976 for the nation's Bicentennial, but some say it blocks the view of the memorial and might be contrary to the artist's original intent, The Star Press reports reported.

Community Enhancement Projects Board Member Jim Wingate says "it doesn't seem quite right" to keep the flagpole at the memorial considering Native Americans' plight.

The memorial was commissioned by industrialist Edmund Burke Ball's family in 1925 after Ball died. The bronze statue depicts an American Indian on a horse and has been a symbol of the community since 1929. It overlooks downtown Muncie and the White River.

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